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Unlocking the Potential of Energy Work: How it Transforms and Empowers

Twenty-five years ago I was a skeptic of energy work--that is until I experienced it.  Over time it became a catalyst for change and healing, and proving a source of strength and fostering spiritual growth.  The journey started slowly and cautiously as my logical mind grappled with making sense of how it worked. 

For years, I took classes, sought out respected professionals in the field and earned a long list of certifications.  I was looking for common beliefs, answers and affirmations.    And, I can unequivocally say “yes, it is real.” 


Energy work encompasses many modalities– Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Healing Touch, Healing Hands, to name a few.  They all fall within a field of science called Biofield Medicine, alongside various forms of frequency therapy. 

A living body generates a cloud of very low frequency energy around it, a biofield, or commonly called an aura.  The biofield, in turn, feeds energy into the body.  When a person is stressed, depressed, emotionally wounded, in grief, the frequency of this biofield gets lower.  When we get ill, the frequency gets even lower, until eventually it is gone and so are we.   The link between lowered frequency and physical illness becomes undeniable, and underscores the important role energy work can play when we feel depleted, drained or emotionally exhausted.

On the other hand, practices such as meditation and prayer can elevate our frequency.  So simply put, a trained energy practitioner has the potential to raise their frequency and then go into the biofield of another person and help to balance and raise their energy.  In doing so the practitioner may help “lift” away some of the emotional burdens the recipient may have been carrying.  As one’s frequency rises, they may start to see things from the past in a different way, or they may become aware of things that drain their energy and make changes.  Energy work has shown efficacy in reducing stress, anxiety, trauma, and improving pain management.

What should you look for in an Energy Work Practitioner?  Ask questions and expect clear, straight-forward answers.  Where were they trained?  In my opinion, hands-on training provides much deeper insights than on-line training.  How long have they been in practice?  What does their session look like?  You should be able to feel the energy during a session.  Ultimately, the ideal Energy Worker for you should be someone with whom you feel safe, secure and a sincere connection.

Love and Light, Lila Jean

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