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Meet Lila

For over two decades, I've been dedicated to guiding clients on their healing and wellness journey, empowering them to cultivate a deeper understanding of their health, emotions, and their inner self. With a wealth of experience and expertise spanning various modalities, a few of my many certifications include IET Master/Instructor, Reiki Master/Instructor, Past Life Regressionist, Sound Therapist, and Soul Coach.

My mission is to support you in creating a life of balance that prioritizes your well-being and honors every facet of your authentic self. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment, nurturing both your body and soul along the way.  My goal is to help you find the 'tools' to help you successfully manage your self-healing and growth.

It's time to reconnect with your inner essence and embrace a life filled with vitality, purpose, and joy. Let's embark on this journey of healing and self-discovery together.

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At FernShadow Studio

One-on-One Sessions

You can expect a heart-centered, energy-based healing therapy that clears, aligns, and balances mind and body, as well as detecting and correcting imbalances in the energy field. Sessions include a gentle hands-on energy treatment, sound bath, a personalized energy map and a post-session discussion of cause and management healing tools. Energy Therapy is especially useful for stress reduction, anxiety, fatigue, grief, transitions, sleep disturbances, pain or chronic illness, and for encouraging general well-being and spiritual and personal growth.

Classes and Workshops
We believe in hands-on training and offer all classes in person. Classes range including Reiki, IET, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Space Clearing, Soul Mapping, Connecting with your Angels, and more. See our Calendar or Facebook page for current offerings

Crystals, Jewelry & Supplies

To support our wellness and classes, we carry a wide variety of crystals and stones, as well as crystal jewelry, smudging supplies and vibrational healing tools.   




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