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Turquoise: A December Delight

Hello friends! Let's talk about the timeless beauty of turquoise–the original birthstone for December and our Sagittarius friends (11/23-12/22). Let’s bypass the glizty modern altered stones labeled “traditional” such as tanzanite and blue topaz. Instead let’s appreciate the gemstone that ancient cultures revered for this time of the year, the stunning blue turquoise.

From Egyptians to Chinese, Hindus to Indigenous communities, folklore abounds about turquoise. They wore it, carved it, and believed it wielded superpowers. Need a health boost? Check. A glimpse into the future? Absolutely. Skills improvement? You got it. Fast forward to today, where we connect turquoise not only to the month, but also to the Throat Chakra, enhancing our self-esteem and communication skills.

Now, turquoise is a bit delicate (5-6 on the Mohs scale) and can scratch or crack from impacts or ultrasonic cleaning. It is also porous, soaking up oils and lotions, transforming from light blue to green over time. That's why much of the turquoise in modern jewelry is waxed or

coated in resin, and why Grandma's antique turquoise pieces look more green than blue. The most valuable turquoise has little or no matrix, which are thin black or rust-colored veins caused by the surrounding iron or copper in the ground.

But, let's get real: turquoise faces its fair share of fakery. Stones like howlite or magnesite are often dyed turquoise and passed off as the real thing. Luckily, you can usually spot the impostors by checking out their funky matrix. Watch out for powered and reconstituted versions too; they drastically reduce the gem’s value.

If you're a Sagittarius or just want to elevate your Throat Chakra vibes, turquoise is a stellar choice. Pro tips: stick with a trustworthy seller, do some comparison shopping, and keep your turquoise jewelry away from scratches and beauty products. It will thank you by lasting a lifetime.

On the lookout for gem companions to complement your turquoise? Sodalite and malachite are fantastic additions! Happy gem hunting, beautiful souls!

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