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Ruby--Gem of Fire, Diamond--Gem of Clarity

Rubies have been considered precious since ancient times. They have adorned armor, crowns and are mentioned in the Bible. Ancient Hindus called the ruby ratnaraj or “king of precious stones,” but the name ‘ruby’ is from the Latin word for “fire.” Most all cultures commonly believed that the ruby represented our most intense emotions such as love or fury.

In the early 1900s, American jewelers assigned the ruby to the month of July. However, ancient people did not associate this fire stone with the water sign Cancer (6/21 to 7/22). Instead, they believed it more appropriately suited the fire sign Aries (3/21 to 4/20). Aries is the youngest and most active sign in the Zodiac, and they thought the strength and passion of the ruby would infuse and protect the Aries personality.

Ruby is a corundum and falls at 9 on the hardness scale along with sapphires. Only diamonds are harder. Their rarity and hardness make them especially valuable, and are excellent in jewelry.

As for diamonds, (the gem that jewelers promote for April), they have a less powerful history. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed diamonds were the tears of the gods and admired their strength. In medieval times, they were thought to heal the body, but eventually became outlawed when people realized that drinking powdered diamonds was hurting more than healing. Diamonds would fall in the same category as other hard, clear stones, such as quartz, which clarify and amplify our frequency and intention.

Diamonds are considered more abundant than other precious gems, but they have had a better marketing campaign. We have been convinced that they represent marriage and are rare, but about 28,000 tons are mined annually and they weren’t commonly associated with engagement rings until in the 1930s. Diamonds are the hardest stone on the scale, rating a 10 of 10, making them the most durable gem for jewelry. Be aware that both rubies and diamonds are commonly grown in labs, so ask questions and make sure this is reflected in their price.

Your most important considerations when selecting stones to wear should always be what attracts you and how durable it will be for your intended use. Don’t be driven by tradition or clever marketing.

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