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Welcome to
FernShadow Studio

Discovering Wholeness through

Integrated Energy Therapy


Welcome to FernShadow Studio

Under the shade of the forest, next to the green ferns, where the Mississippi River pauses, you will find  the Studio. We are about frequency and it affects the body and our emotions, and how it can be managed and healed. You will find compassionate integrated energy therapy, coaching and opportunities to learn and grow, as well as beautiful stones, crystals, jewelry, and more.  Find soothing for your soul.

Image by Robert Nelson

" Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.
It means the damage no longer controls your life."


At FernShadow Studio...


Integrated Energy Therapy

 The body's biofield can be worn down from anxiety, illness, and trauma. IET is a gentle therapy that helps you to find balance, heal old wounds, and relearn how to find calm and peace within yourself. It is a complementary therapy for managing pain, stress and healing. Lila draws from a variety of techniques to create a

 personalized session that maps out your energy field, opens and balances frequencies and sends you home with techniques to empower your

personal growth.

Book a free 15-minute get--to-know-you online visit, or a 90-minute IET session for $55.

Classes & Workshops

We hold a variety of classes. Whether you want to learn Reiki or IET, learn how to clear spaces, work with stones, or experience a healing retreat, Fern Shadow Studio has an ever-growing list of classes and workshops available, from beginner to certified.  Check our calendar of events.  

 Shop Our Custom
Gemstone Jewelry &
Vibrational Healing Tools 

We sell crystals of many types and sizes,  pendulums, singing bowls, a variety of smudging supplies, angel tarot cards, tuning forks, crystal sprays and so much more.

Working with a wide selection of gemstones, we design and sell jewelry with intention.  From birthstones to well-being, animal totems to goddesses, you will find the piece that feels just right to you.  

Image by Robert Nelson



Lila has a gentleness and strength in the way she helps others.  She would be thoughtful and holistic in her approach to support your healing and growth.


FernShadow is multi-dimensional in its healing approach.  Includes many natural and complimentary modalities.  The jewelry is well made and has a healing function as well.  Lila is very knowledgeable and so willing to share the wealth of her experience.  Did I mention fun!!?   Five Stars!


Love Lila's gift of healing. 

An amazing experience!

Get in Touch

16541 Haven Road, Little Falls MN 56345

Thanks for reaching out!

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